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St Mary’s, ON


Year:          2022

Status:      Under Construction

Size:           17,725 s.f. (1,647 s.m.)

Located in St. Mary’s Ontario, the project is proposing a 4 storey seniors apartment, a 4 storey assisted living apartment and a 5 storey seniors apartment. The proposed buildings are strategically designed to form an internal parking courtyard with the buildings facing both Wellington Street N and Water Street N. The building orientation allows for prime southern daylight exposure on all buildings. The assisted living apartment on the North of the property will have extensive views of the Grand Trunk Trail and the adjacent northern farm land. St Mary’s is recognized as a “Stonetown” for its unique architecture featuring locally quarried limestone. As a new building on an empty site, the design will be a unique juxtaposition of old and new architecture features. The exterior elevations depend heavily on the programming within the building, for example in the building “wings” on east and west are residential spaces with podium parking on part of the ground floor. The facades of these areas will be a London yellow stock brick material with traditional style windows with heavy concrete headers and sills.