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London, ON


Client:       Fanshawe College

Year:          2010

Status:      Complete


The existing D1060 lecture theatre was constructed in 1971. Fanshawe College identified that this facility was in need of renovations to meet both their current and future requirements. The acoustics were unacceptable, there were no accommodations for modern technology and the finishes were dated and tired. The design team took on the challenge to redevelop the space to meet the needs of the College for both today and tomorrow. A goal of the new design was to eliminate acoustic hot spots and to maintain equal sound quality throughout the theatre. The new design achieves these goals without the need for costly special wall treatments.Non-parallel  surfaces are a key element in the design. Side walls have a faceted drywall surface designed to reflect sound in many directions, however, primarily to the rear. In a similar manner, the ceiling is constructed incorporating sloped linear metal panels within a segmented series of bulkheads. Again, sound is reflected in many directions, primarily to the rear. The ceiling was designed to accommodate three multi-channel high definition VDP projectors, general lighting, special theatrical quality lighting and a lighting animation system.