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Client:       Shoppers Drug Mart

Year:          2002-2015


Philip Agar Architect Inc. is responsible for producing architectural design, permit and construction drawings for 144 Shoppers Drug Mart projects. The buildings are spread throughout southwestern Ontario over a decade. Although each project was designed specific to it’s site and the surrounding context, the overall characteristics of the buildings were consistent. The firm is familiar with a big box store’s requirements and what their prototypes entail. From interior to exterior planning, Philip Agar Architect Inc. was successful in ensuring a quality design for all 144 buildings. The site plan’s followed suit to the Shoppers Drug Mart standards yet were adapted each time to reflect the site’s conditions. The building floor plan mirrored the well-known and efficient Shoppers Drugmart prototype. Material selection on the interior and exterior were strategically chosen based on their durablilty and aesthetic. The glazing to facade ratio was considered in each design to maximize the glass storefront, where necessary spandrel panels with marketing poster films were added. The design of each Shoppers Drugmart recognizes their commitment in providing safe, reliable service everyday.